Unit 1: Logo Design


Over the next 5 weeks students will be working through the creation of a 'personal logo' design using a vector-based design application. Students will be able to choose from several free or purchased applications to create their personal logo. The application chosen is not as important as how it is used. Applications like Adobe Illustrator (pay) and Inkscape (free) are powerful design tools that allow users to create detailed and elaborate designs. The key is learning how to use a variety of tools.

Below is an example of Vector based graphics. Click on the graphic to link to the tutorial about how to design the coffee cup:
This was a coffee cup made using a vector graphics tutorial. Click the image to link to the tutorial.

What is a Vector Graphic?

A vector graphic is an image that is resolution-independent. What is resolution-independent? When an image is resolution-independent, it can be scaled to any size without pixelating. This means that if you create a logo using a vector graphics program you can scale from the size of a pin head up to the size of a billboard without losing any quality. All the lines will remain crisp and the image will retain its original quality, no matter what the size is. Below is a comparison between a vector image that would be created in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape and an image created using a bit map from Photoshop. The two images are the same but when zoomed into the bitmap image, it becomes pixelated and the quality become very low.


When comparing the two images, it is clear to see that the bitmap image loses it sharpness very quickly while the vector image retains the crisp edges even when enlarged. Graphic artists need to be able to create one image that could be used for a variety of purposes. Students are going to use the same practices that a graphic artist would employ for the logo design project. The goal of the project is to create a professional looking logo that could be used for a variety purposes and in a variety of mediums.

Vector Graphic tutorials

Now its time to have some fun learning how to make a vector graphic. Students will work through 2 - 3 tutorials that will teach the basics of vector design. Once the designs have been completed, post them on the assigned, personal wiki page for other students to view. Below are links to Inkscape, a free vector graphics program that can be used for the creation of your eventual logo design. There are also 3 links to tutorials that should get you up to speed.

Inkscape Vector Graphics Software


Inkscape Tutorial: Kokeshi Doll (Basic)


Inkscape Tutorial: Floral Design (More advanced)


Vector tuts Illustrator Tutorial: Coffee Cup (Advanced)